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Transform your Sisense dashboards from collections of visuals to interactive experiences through BloX

Transform your Sisense dashboards from collections of visuals to interactive experiences through BloX

Out-of-the-box widgets Sisense look great. You’ve used them to convey insight to your stakeholders and drive decisions within your organization. 

You have dashboards, they look good and you’re pretty happy with them. In the back of your mind, however, you’ve thought: 

‘How cool would it be if I could click a button on this dashboard and be redirected to the related account in our CRM?’ or

‘I’d really love to consolidate a few of these metrics and display them really neatly in a visual that looks amazing…’ 

BloX for Sisense can transform your dashboards from collections of visuals into interactive experiences, form the basis of custom top-of-class looking visuals and provide pixel perfect level control over layout powered by CSS.

What can BloX do?

You’ve likely guessed that Blox is the way to get the visual side of Sisense to pop. You know that Sisense is an open platform, it allows you to infuse analytics anywhere. The problem is that you need to get your BI to deliver something that your customers will love while getting the answers they need. Sisense out of the box lets you drop predefined widgets onto a dashboard, but what if you need to go further? What if you want to be really in charge? You have a few options

  • Plugins – can be expensive, many visual features only available through custom coding,
  • Javascript – Many widgets can be tweaked through custom code,
  • BloX – All the flexibility of scripting, but in an easier to use template format with extensive CSS support

BloX lets you integrate any Sisense data straight into one of its predefined templates. The templates are incredibly flexible, you can have lists with any combination of data and graphics, rich indicators with sparklines. And as well as allowing you total control over the way in which data is presented these BloX templates are interactive, allows carousel style selections, and actions where buttons and links integrate the BI and your applications seamlessly.

Looking at the list you can setup multiple columns and rows, and then nest columns and rows within them. In addition you can integrate graphics into any cell or column, this lets you display your inventory, staff pictures or any rich content you want.

Many advanced visualisations are available from the web as SVG files. SVG stands for ‘Scalable Vector Graphics’ and this enables an SVG to be displayed from in any web page. Using SVG you can add data driven animations to a BloX widget and your Sisense dashboards.

How can BloX create Interactive Experiences?

Actions can be used out of the box to filter views, email reports, open dynamically generated URLs or send instant messages. With the ability to build custom Actions within the BloX framework, nothing is impossible.

Actions are the way in which BloX can interact with the user and your applications. BloX can be presented as links, buttons, or clickable items within your Sisense dashboard. BloX can enable data to be entered via forms, using webhooks or RESTApi, which can update a databases or interact with applications. In this way you can close the loop between your data, your BI and your applications, all from within Sisense. 

With all these capabilities you can achieve nearly anything from within the Blox environment. To get the best from the technology Javascript, CSS, web design and data visualisation skills are required. BloX is a step up from using basic Sisense widgets and does require programming, technical and design skills. It acts as a stepping stone, allowing configuration as much as coding - especially if the template for what you want already exists. Working with a partner to create templates can give you the best of both worlds.

There’s no going back

BloX can provide your users with a high level of interactivity and visuals. This aids in organizational BI adoption. RAPID BI can help you create the visuals you want, quickly. With experience on our side we’re sure to find a combination of display and interactivity that will meet your needs.

Why BloX

  • Transform your dashboards from collections of visuals into interactive experiences
  • Develop custom top-of-class looking visuals
  • Leverage pixel perfect over layout powered by CSS

What’s in the BloX?

  • No-code solution to attractive BI visuals
  • A template driven visual builder with dozens of examples
  • A way for your designers to create tailored visuals with little coding
  • A way to integrate buttons and interactive actions with BI data

BloX for Managers

  • The quickest and best way to create compelling BI visuals
  • A tool for your Javascript and Web designers to use to get results fast
  • The way to develop tailored visuals and interactive web pages driven by Sisense data

BloX for Users

  • Great visuals for your data 
  • Easy to understand and quick to develop
  • Seamless experience within your existing application
  • Add buttons, links and any kind of interactive control for an app like experience
  • An application like experience, not a dashboard
  • Use data exactly where you want

BloX for Developers

  • Simply configure JSON and Blox will generate compelling Javascript visuals
  • Use templates to create new high quality dashboards quickly
  • Use CSS too fine tune your visual presentation
  • Low code solution to get something working quickly
  • Out of the box, buttons, multicolumn tables, 
  • A better alternative to hand crafted plugins
  • Integrate SVG code and Javascript

Awards and Certifications

RAPID BI - Certified Sisense Partner

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