Sisense Reporting and Excel Integration

Wouldn't it be great if you could email anyone your Sisense reports, with 100% control over filters, layout and presentation? What if you could integrate with Excel and Word? Exceed your needs with RAPID BI's tools.

Sisense allows you to create great dashboards, but what if your users really want that data as reports, maybe they need them first thing in the morning, it’s in the email at breakfast, the numbers are good, the day will run as expected. The numbers are worrying, you know before you hit the commute that this will be another interesting day, find the problem, provide the direction, and get your company working at peak efficiency again.

Sisense has flexibility to be a dashboarding BI live tool, and also deliver reports on a schedule every day. RAPID BI has tools to extend on this and can deliver reports to everyone, with layout filters and attachments to suit their needs.

Of course your users love Excel, it's their playground, the creative tool, the place where they work with the numbers and know what's going on. Sisense can export to Excel, but that's another click, another import, another refactor, another hassle your staff won’t like and your managers won’t understand. And to create an updatable Excel file users find themselves copying and pasting data.

What if Sisense linked to Excel so closely you didn't even notice, what if your sheets updated automatically, what if 'Refresh All' really did refresh all? What if your managers got everything they needed and they didn't even notice that it wasn't a Tabular PowerBI Model anymore but Sisense feeding Excel? What if you spoke to RAPID BI and migrated to Sisense and end users could still use their spreadsheeds with a single source of data? What if that's your future, and it looks good?

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