Realize the full benefits of Sisense

RAPID BI is the bridge to take your analytics from where they are now, to where you really want to be... and beyond.

We can help you to:

We help Sisense customers

Maximize value from your Analytics investment

RAPID BI took the time to understand our business and they care about what value means to us.

Whether your goal for analytics is:

  • Elevating your product/platform to a new level.
  • Boosting the bottom line with data-driven decisions.
  • Reducing manual effort and gaining efficiencies.
  • Monetizing your data.
  • Something else.

RAPID BI will work with you to understand your business and help realize your goals for analytics.

We will advise best practice, and help you get to market quickly with a more interactive and flexible UX than available out of the box.

We can address performance issues and funcitonality gaps, solve difficult problems or complex use-cases, and help your team align your analytics to your goals.

RAPID BI can be your trusted partner in this space and we are truly invested in the success of our clients.

Analytics TCO
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Address staff capacity issues or knowledge gaps

RAPID BI provides us with continuity and the expert knowledge can no longer walk out the door!

If you have ever experienced having a knowledgeable Analytics staff member leave, then you know the pain of having to try to pick up without the necessary knowledge or expereince to properly take things forward.

RAPID BI can provide continuity, with both the expert Sisense know-how and a working knowledge of your Analytics use-cases and data through RAPID BI Membership. We are invested in the success of our Members.

What we offer

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Improve Sisense performance?

RAPID BI reduced our dashboard from 80 widgets to 6 and increased the information available to Viewers!

After years of working with Sisense customers we understand the factors that effect performance and we can help you address them.

RAPID BI has tools to help identify problematic widgets, and we can help to redesign your dashboards and data models for improved performance and user experience.

Learn about our free 30 Minute Consult and our Sisense Implementation Assessment.

Even if others have failed, RAPID BI can often find solutions. Talk to us today.

Some of our add-ons that can help you
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Resolve difficult
use-cases or issues

RAPID BI came up with a solution within a week, after we spent months trying to solve it with the help of others!

We have solutions and ways to address most issues, and if we don't, we will likely come up with a custom solution for you.

If you have an issue or a requirement that you're not sure how to meet, the chances are that RAPID BI can help. Even when others have failed to deliver the desired outcome, we often step up and provide a solution.

We don't mind complex requirements. For example, requiring dynamically created data models on a per end-customer basis with custom field names and tables. RAPID BI is here to help make it happen.

Examples of customers issues
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Elevate your product/analytics to a new level

RAPID BI made our solution more immersive and helped grow adoption by 400%!

Based on real customer use-cases, we have developed a range of Sisense Add-Ons and Tools that add value to what our clients can deliver.

If you are embedding Sisense into your product, these Add-Ons can take your product to a new level of user experience and capability.

Empowering the Viewer to explore the data, choose dimensions and measures, placing filters where they make sense to tell a better data story, 3D Maps that look amazing with unrivalled performance, and lots more.

Most of our Sisense Add-Ons are available to download with an instant Free Trial!

We will also support you during the trial period to ensure you get the most out of it.

Sisense Add-Ons
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Get to market quickly

RAPID BI got us into production and our clients had amazing dashboards in just 9 weeks!

If you need to get to market fast, either to gain a competitive advantage, start realizing insights to make better decisions, or any other reason, you have come to the right place.

RAPID BI has the skills, knowledge and processes to get moving quickly, and keep the momentum up until delivery.

We can enable you, or take your requirements and data, and deliver a solution. We are engaged and invested in the success of our clients.

Talk to us about your initiative.

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Looking for a Sisense Business Intelligence Consultant?

132 Elasticubes Developed
414 Dashboards Developed
21 Years of Sisense Experience
40 Years of BI Experience

What our clients say

Extremely knowledgeable and personable team. Daniel, Ian and Vi at Rapid BI have provide me and my team with immense support in setting up a game changing product for us. Commitments have always been met and communication throughout all projects has been superb. I highly recommend these guys!

Toby Nelson Director of Customer Success

Mosaic's goal is to provide an analytics product that would revolutionize the F&B and retail industry. Rapid BI has been a great help in building this product. They are extremely skilled with data modelling and data viz. They prioritize customer concerns, giving out extra hours to make sure everything works. Their team always goes above and beyond.

Rustico Danan Head, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

ACHS has worked with RAPID BI since 2021 and we have found working with the team an absolute pleasure. They are excellent communicators (which is often rare in this space), they are supportive and have been key in translating our vision for healthcare analytics project into reality. The service they provide has included project management support and regularly updates tracking progress in a fomalised manner. Any bugs encountered have been worked on quickly and resolved without too many issues. They also are cost competitive. ACHS has seen the benefits of this relationship and looks forward to continuing to work with RAPID BI in the future for our business analytic support.

Simon Cooper Manager, Performance and Outcomes Service

A great team! They have a wealth of data science knowledge and are masters with Sisense.

Ty Fisher Senior Product Manager

Our Team

James Kruss

Managing Director, B.Eng Software Systems Eng (hons)

Daniel Ranisavljevic

Director, Business Intelligence Consultant

Julian Panlilio

UI/UX, JavaScript and Sisense add-ons wizard


Business Intelligence Consultant

Francis Regala

JavaScript and Sisense add-ons wizard

Ian Tebutt

Senior Analyst, 20+ years in Business Intelligence

Awards & Certifications

Sisense Certified

Issued by: Sisense

Sisense UX Dashboard Design

Issued by: Sisense

Sisense First Line Support

Issued by: Sisense

Sisense BloX

Issued by: Sisense

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