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Benchmarking, Data Monetization and Embedded BI

Benchmarking, Data Monetization and Embedded BI

Your software product is doing well, the customer base is expanding and you’re well thought of in your market, so what’s next? You know that adding visualisation and BI would add value for some customers, but how do you ensure the take up will be worth the investment? 

Benchmarking is a great way to monetise your data. It allows different organisations to compare their performance, identifies strengths and weaknesses and shows where investment or management attention is required. The practicalities of benchmarking include – combining data from multiple similar organisations, processing to normalise the data, development of a core set of KPIs on which organisations can be compared. 

As an ISV you’ve already got most of those bases covered, you know your industry vertical well, you understand the needs of the customers, you know what marks a great business from one that’s only ok. You understand the data that’s being stored in the system as you wrote it. The missing piece is a fully flexible BI tool that’s open and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software. Sisense is that tool, it’s the one you’d build yourself if you had the time.

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