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Aged Care Analytics

Aged Care Analytics

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The Australia Royal Commission into Aged Care reported in early 2021. The final report highlighted nearly AU$10B of additional funding, but how that was to be spent, and the changes to be made to Aged Care were still contentious. This is perhaps unsurprising in such a complex area where policy, public health, federal funding and a highly fragmented industry all come together. One aspect where there was agreement is that all Aged Care facilities would be have mandatory data reporting, especially in for ‘Quality Indicators’ which cover pressure injuries, use of restraints and unplanned weight-loss.

As data is now available to everyone in standard format, there is an excellent basis for benchmarking. We have taken this data from the gen website and created Sisense Dashboards that makes it easy to compare QI performance between states. Further we’re offering to add your QI data to this, and make it available just to you completely free. You can benchmark your organisation to see how well you are performing.”

On this page you will find:

  • Aged Care Analytics Webinar (Ian Tebbutt from RAPID BI and Rohan Persaud from Sisense)
  • Download a PDF of the slide deck from the Webinar
  • Access the Aged Care Analytics Dashboards in Sisense

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Benchmarking is the best way of using data to improve a business, that's any business not just Aged Care. We'll take your QI data, and create dashboards comparing that to the State and National numbers. We'll do that for free, yes for no cost you get a super useful private set of dashboards to help you see how you're tracking. Isn't that an easy decision, talk to us now before we change our minds!

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Aged Care Analytics
Aged Care Analytics
  • 15 October 2021
  • by Ian Tebbutt