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You love Sisense, just like we do. But no product can meet every customer need out of the box, that’s where we can help solve your problems. We have products ready to go, to delight your customers and give you more reach, more reasons to call those prospects and fill the funnel.

If your customers have a need, we can build something custom to delight them. Our companies, working together, to create new functionality for clients. If an idea has merit in the marketplace, so much the better.

We help partners win business, because we understand why customers chose Sisense. Many customers chose Sisense because they want to deliver content outside their organisation. They need a BI tool that is clean, extensible, supports full white label, and most importantly works with their existing security setup. You can’t expect your customers to use multiple logins just to get charts of their data, and you certainly don’t want to break your branded website. RAPID BI can help and we are happy to provide implementation services to your clients regardless of who manages the Sisense licensing.

There are a few key areas for customisation in Sisense:

  • New visualisations – the plugin
  • RestAPI for automation of anything - we can drive emails, office integration, any other applications - we can hook Sisense right in
  • Scripted updating of dashboards when field names change in the Elasticube or the data model changes
  • Blox, beautiful interactive dashboards, just what your customers want
  • The beauty of Sisense's 'Power to the builders' approach means that they’ve provided all the hooks and APIs we need to extend Sisense to meet your customers needs.

    We're in business just like you to delight new and existing customers with the value that Sisense will deliver for their organisation.

    Call us and let's see what we can achieve together

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