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Sisense is unique in offering a 100% customisable cube build and dashboard delivery mechanisms. We know how to make the product sing, just let us know your needs and we'll likely have coded it already, and we know Sisense High Availability too!

Report customisation and delivery, refeshable Excel, user-driven data verification and cube building, embedded analytics are just a few things RAPID BI can assist you with.

Sisense is sold as the tool for builders, and it really is. Imagine a BI tool that you could change to work the way you want, imagine a tool driven by JSON and Javascript with APIs. You want a BI playground, you want to get into the guts of the tool, what you want is Sisense! What you want do well that’s up to you – let’s get busy.

The extensive Rest API provided by Sisense sets it apart from other BI platforms and allows enormous flexibility and extendability.

Whether you have a software product that would benefit from integrated advanced analytics and reporting, or business units that need information to help drive decisions, RAPID BI can help.

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