Already using Sisense?

RAPID BI can help

  • Assess your existing environment, elasticubes and dashboards
  • Make and implement recommendations
  • Elasticube development without circular references or duplication
  • Dashboard development
  • Fine-tune your Sisense configuration
  • Sisense upgrades and migrations
  • and much more - read about our process below

Our Process

Assessment of BI

We will undertake a review of your installation, environment, elasticubes and dashboards, and provide a report as to the health of your Sisense implementation along with recommendations.

Implementation of recommendations

This can include envronmental changes, migration between servers, altering or creating elasticubes and dashboards, configuring Sisense and more. It is the vital work required to take you from where you are now to where you want your BI and analytics to be.


We will provide ongoing services to keep your BI running optimally and allow you to focus on your core business (see details below).

RAPID BI Membership

RAPID BI Membership is designed to help take the headache away from managing and maintianing a BI system.

In consultation with clients and based on years of experience we have developed packages to help ensure BI is running efficiently and delivering the information required to help companies succeed.

We aim to provide a high level of value to our members and as such we regularly review our membership inclusions to ensure that aim is being met.

Please see the inclusions below and if you have any questions please Contact us.

Membership packages include the below elements. Click the + next to each item to see the detail.Contact us for more information and pricing.

A cornerstone of our membership program is the Monthly Report that highlights usage and adoption, development efforts, system relaiability and performance and more.

We use all the tools available to us to deliver a comprehensive but succinct report, and we also explain the findings

For example, the report may show a high percentage of build failures, however we may also identify that the cause is due to cubes no longer in use that can now be removed.

The report is suitable for executive level and technical staff, and helps define actions to ensure your Sisense implementation is running optimally and that you are realising value from your investment in BI.

RAPID BI is creating a suite of tools to enhance and extend Sisense. These will be made available to members as soon as they are ready for release.

Professional membership includes:

  • Excel Addin - Seamlessly update Excel from Sisense
  • Word Addin - Create word templates and fill them with charts and data from Sisense
  • Dashboard Feedback Widget

Enterprise membership includes all our Sisense tools and extensions:

  • Excel Addin - Seamlessly update Excel from Sisense
  • Word Addin - Create word templates and fill them with charts and data from Sisense
  • Dashboard Feedback Widget
  • Dashboard and Cube management, Search and Replace in fields, fix layout, remove unused fields
  • User admin - copy existing user, show user's dashboards, transfer ownership of a user's dashboards

Delivering dashboards and data reliably is key to keeping your users happy, but who has time to check the logs and makes sure that everything built OK? Is the environment performing well, is CPU and RAM sufficient, are users experiencing a responsive experience?

Sisense Monitor is usually a licensed Sisense component with an annual investment required. RAPID BI is able to provide this at no additional cost along with our Professional or Enterprise membership.

With this monitoring in place, RAPID BI is able to examine build times for cubes, spot common errors and issues, suggest ways to improve performance. In conjunction with our version control you can see when an issue started and fix it fast.

Copying Sisense dashboards and adding new features until you get it just right is easy. However, it’s also easy to lose changes, have multiple dashboards doing the same thing and create an administration overhead.

Keep on top of things using our version control tooling. Backed by Git, it will automatically track dashboards changes day to day, letting you focus on design, while we make sure you're covered.

Coming soon - Elasticube version control.

Your Sisense configuration including cubes and dashboards is stored in the Mongo database. RAPID BI will set up a daily backup to cover you in the event of corruption or other issues.

Sisense tracks users opening dashboards. That is a good start.

RAPID BI analyses this usage information to identify cubes with the heaviest usage, which fields are being requested, and how the filters are being set. This gives you insight to help guide development effort.

Coming soon: RAPID BI is also developing a feedback widget for dashboards, with traffic light – 'useful, ok, needs more work' settings so you can quickly see what is useful and what needs attention.

Management and users need to know where their data comes from and how is it calculated.

With Sisense you can capture images of the data model as a starting point.

RAPID BI will generate an Excel document identifying the tables in your data model and how they relate. This is a key tool for both data governance and ease of Dashboard creation, designed to save you time and money. We will also document any Measures created and how they are derived.

This is an essential piece of the BI puzzle, overlooked by the majority of BI providers, but provided by RAPID BI to our members.

RAPID BI can create new cubes for you using best practise data modelling, and assisting with bringing in information from tricky data-sources.

Business users know the data needed to improve operational efficiency and gain insights. RAPID BI can capture that picture and relate it using best practice and proprietary methods developed over years, and we've never met a datasource we couldn't process.

Our Professional Services can include any/all of the following:

  • Elasticube development
  • Tuning and resolving issues with your existing Elasticubes
  • Dashboard development and support
  • Sisense administration and configuration
  • Custom development and integrations
  • Working with data-sources
  • One-on-one unstructured training on dashboard design, best practice and more

Hours of Professional Services included with Membership Packages:

  • Standard - up to 3 hours per month
  • Professional - up to 10 hours per month
  • Enterprise - up to 20 hours per month

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