Data Dictionary and Data Lineage

Why you need Data Dictionary?

    • Quickly trace fields back to origin

    • Quickly identify the visibility of fields and tables

    • See where custom fields or tables have been created at a glance and socialize the code if needed

    • Identify which dashboards are using which fields

    • Improve understanding for your dashboard designers.

    • Have a key peice of governance documentation without spending countless hours trying to manually build it

    • Helps close the loop on your enterprise architecture, with data migrations, and can reduce the risk of single points of failure by breaking down data models into something more easily understood.

How we have helped clients with our Data Dictionary and Data Lineage?

Summary statistics on Elasticubes and Data Models

Listing of tables per model including fields such as source table, type (custom/base), visbility, source type (e.g. sql, GenericJDBC, custom, csv)

Listing of fields per table including Field Name, Data Type, Function (for custom fields), Visibility and Dashboard list (where it is being used)

Custom SQL for custom tables

Starting with source data from multiple sources, a BI stack often requires various transformations to produce usable data for dashboarding.

Sisense Elasticubes and Live Models simplify the transformation process. But what happens when dashboard designers or users start questioning where figures are coming from and how they are derived? If a field name needs to change, how can you tell which dashboards will be effected?

RAPID BI has developed a solution to these problems. We can generate an excel data dictionary and lineage for your Elasticubes and Live Models.

Case Study: Helping Dashboard Designers

A Sisense customer had Dashboard Designers who were struggling with understanding which fields they could use, how they were derived, and whether the field names represented what they thought. Some end users were questioning the figures they were seeing.

The Dashboard Designers did not have access to the Sisense data model and as such had no way to gain visibility on these items apart from asking questions of the person who owned the data model.

After making the Data Dictionary and Lineage Excel document available, Dashboard Designers were able to understand which fields to use, and were also able to point out some logic errors to the owner of the data model thay were causing inaccuracies on Dashboards. This empowered the Dashboard Designers and also helped the company improve data accuracy.

"All the noise just went away and everyone was confident in the process and the figures", the client said.

Next Steps?

RAPID BI provides services to clients across the globe, is equipped to operate in a variety of time zones and handle multiple currencies. Our team boasts over 20 years of cumulative experience with Sisense, and our singular business focus is to assist Sisense clients in extracting maximum value from their data.

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