User Guide - Adaptive Box and Whisker Plot
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Uncover the True Story Behind Your Data. Gain a comprehensive understanding of data distribution and go beyond simple averages to make informed decisions. 

RAPID BI Box Plot revolutionizes data analysis by showcasing the distribution of key performance indicators (KPIs). It provides a holistic view, identifies outliers, and empowers users to analyze individual data points for deeper insights. 

RAPID BI Box Plot offers comprehensive visualization, outlier identification, exploration of individual data points, and comparative analysis. By embracing this powerful tool, users can uncover valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, optimize strategies, and drive exceptional growth. 

Getting Started

Before Installing this Add-on, please make sure you've installed and configured the RAPID Plugin Manager.

Download the latest RAPID BI Plugins from the Members Area.

More information can be found here:


1. Download the plugin

2. Extract the zip file to `\Plugins` folder in Sisense (File Manager can be accessed via. Admin > Server & Hardware > System Management > File Manager (top right hand corner))

3. Ensure that the RAPID Plugins Manager has also been installed and enabled in the addons page.

4. After rebuild, the plugin should be accessible through the advanced widget editor. You will need to refresh your browser.

How to use

Adding Widget to Dashboard

1. On a dashboard, select the + Widget button in the top right hand corner

2. When the New Widget Prompt appears, select Advanced Configuration in the bottom left hand corner.

3. When the Widget Editor appears, select the widget type in the top left hand corner and select the RAPID Box Plot plugin.

Widget Overview

Below is an image outlining the key areas of the initial Widget Editor view.

1. Items Panel

This panel can contain either Dimensions OR Measures, but not both.

The designer can add items that their end users can use to switch between existing items widgets on the dashboard.

We can also add formulas as items in this panel.

The Switcher relies on the items title to know what widget items to switch out on the dashboard.

e.g. A widget on the dashboard contains 'CountryName' in it's default state. Because 'CountryName' is included in the Adaptive Switcher items, when we select 'TeamManager' above, the widgets item will switch from CountryName to TeamManager.

2. Widget Preview

This panel previews what the Adaptive Box Plot will look like on the dashboard. It is affected by the styling changes the designer makes on the design panel.

3. Design Panel

This panel allows configuration of the Adaptive Box Plot.

It allows the designer to change styling settings, header details and configure advanced functionality (such as selecting specific widgets to target or ignore).

Adding Items to Widgets

To add fields to the box and whisker plot, navigate to the left items panel and select the 'Add +' option. This will bring up a selection box with the fields available to choose from. 

Select your required fields for categories, details and values. Please note that you can only choose one category and value, however you might like to add additional details to your box and whisker plot. You can create custom values using formulas also.

In the above example we have selected Region as the category and OrderRevenue as both the values and details. 

To add this widget to your dashboard, click apply in the top left.

Setting up Widget Include / Exclude Lists

The best way to include/exclude what you would like to see on the widget is by filtering to show the correct data. To do this, hover over your widget and click on the pencil icon that appears on the top right.

In the editor you can filter the categories and details. 

To do this, hover over either the category or details you have selected, and click on the filter icon on the right. 

The category filter will bring up the below panel.

From here you can choose to filter by searching through the list of options, using boolean selection options or adding a custom filter using Javascript. Multiselect is also vailable. Below are some of the filter options available:

When filtering by the details, the following options will appear:

Here you can select your details from the drop down list, choosing to include or exclude as many details as you prefer. 

Set your own parameters, eg. in the example above we are filtering the details between 2.4 and 13,000.

As well as the boolean selection options and custom filter options. 

Design Options

To change the design, navigate to the right hand panel and click the 'Design' toggle.

From here you can: 

  • Give your chart a relevant title
  • Select your plot order. Below shows the box being prioritised in front.

  • Enable x-axis lines to run horizontally across the box plot.
  • Enable y-axis lines to run vertically across the box plot. 
  • Change the opacity of both the box and the points, allowing users to focus on the box quartiles or specific data points.
  • Change the colour of the box to suit the branding of the dashboard.

Example Usage

Below is an example of using the points in the user guide to display a box plot. 

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