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Adaptive Filter Presets allows Viewers to save their favourite dashboard filter settings, enabling them to quickly access and filter on multiple items with just a single click. Just like a radio preset, a Viewer can choose a slot to save their filter settings to, then load and save them all at once with a single click. This add-on is useful for users who want to quickly access specific scenarios and data without having to navigate through multiple filters and is perfect for dashboards containing a lot of filters. Filter presets can also follow users as they navigate through dashboards, loading whatever is relevant from the saved preset filters.

  • Increased Viewer Power: Viewers are now able to quickly save and load sets of dashboard filters rather than having to change them individually.
  • Increased Efficiency: Viewers save time and have a better user experience.
  • Improved Information: Enhance decision-making by providing faster access to information that requires multiple filters to be set.
  • More with Less Space: The feature allows users to do and see more with less space, reducing clutter on the dashboard and providing a cleaner, more streamlined experience.
  • Improved Team Performance: Less time to insights allows for focus on more strategic tasks.

Getting Started

Before Installing this Add-on, please make sure you've installed and configured the RAPID Plugin Manager.

Download the latest RAPID BI Plugins from the Members Area.

More information can be found here:


1. Download the plugin

2. Extract the zip file to `\Plugins` folder in Sisense (File Manager can be accessed via. Admin > Server & Hardware > System Management > File Manager (top right hand corner))

3. Ensure that the RAPID Plugins Manager has also been installed and enabled in the addons page.

4. After rebuild, the plugin should be accessible through the advanced widget editor. You will need to refresh your browser.

How to use

Adding Widget to Dashboard

1. On a dashboard, select the + Widget button in the top right hand corner

2. When the New Widget Prompt appears, select Advanced Configuration in the bottom left hand corner.

3. When the Widget Editor appears, select the widget type in the top left hand corner and select the RAPID Filter Presets.

List of widgets to choose from

Widget Overview

Below is an image outlining the key areas of the initial Widget Editor view.

Filter Preset

Items Panel

This is where you can name your five different Filter Presets.

Save Panel

This panel allows the user to save the current filters as a preset, as well as saving the preset name.

Load Panel

This panel allows the user to load the preset filters and apply them to the dashboard.

Adding Items to Widgets

To load items to be presets on your widget, navigate to the right hand panel on the dashboard and add the filters you would like to have preset - in the example below, we have added the following filters for States and CategoryName.

Once the user is happy with the filters that havef been applied to the dashboard, click on the filter presets widget, give the preset a name, and select save. 

The preset will now be saved. To ensure the presets work correctly, do not delete the filter categories from the right hand panel. 

This can be repeated for up to 5 different filter presets that the user would like to save. 

Switching between Items on Widgets

Once you have selected the number of presets to be used, you switch between the presets by clicking on the filter presets widget and selecting load on the desired preset. Each time you load a new preset, the dashboard will load the selected filters. 

Design Options

To edit the widget, hover over the widget and click on the pencil on the top right.

When in the editor, navigate to the right hand panel and click on 'design' in the tab above. 

This will bring up the design options as above. 

Space around - Gives an option to choose small, medium or large amount of padding on your widget.

Corner Radius - Gives an option to choose small, medium or large corner radius - the larger being a more curved corner for your widget.

Shadow - Gives an option to choose light, medium or dark shadow around the widget. 

Border - Toggle on or off a border around the widget and select your colour by clicking on the grey rectangle to the left.

Background - Select the background colour you desire to match your dashboard. 

There are also a number of options to select to design the header. To use this feature, ensure you have given your widget a title in the top left corner by clicking on 'Set a Title'

Title Text - Changes the colour of your header text.

Title Alignment - Select from left or center text alignment.

Divider Line - Toggle on or off a divider line from your header to widget, and select the colour of this line. 

Background - Set the background colour of your header section on the widget.

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