How can I switch dimensions as a viewer in Sisense?
Posted by James Kruss, Last modified by James Kruss on 02 February 2023 03:52 pm

As a viewer in Sisense, you can switch dimensions in a dashboard by using the Adaptive Switcher add-in by RAPID BI.

This tool allows you to select the desired dimension or measure to display in a charts or widgets.

The Adaptive Switcher is accessed by placing a drop-down menu on your dashboard that can apply to some or all widgets in a dashboard. This menu will show the different dimensions that have been set up by the designer for you to switch between, and you can select the desired dimension to display.

If the Adaptive Switcher has not been implemented in your dashboard, you may need to speak with your dashboard designer or the person responsible for creating and maintaining the dashboard or your Sisense environment. They will be able to engage with RAPID BI to get the Adaptive Switcher set up for you to use.

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