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RAPID BI Gantt Chart Plugin

RAPID BI Gantt Chart Plugin

The Gantt Chart is a new control that enables Sisense to show project schedules and progress in a useful format. Tasks can be shown with start, end, duration. And how those tasks have been allocated to resources. The resource grid shows over allocations in red, a quick and easy way to spot project management issues before they upset schedules.

You can import data from Microsoft Project (via csv), LibreProject, CSV, Excel or any other format that supports schedules with tasks and links between those tasks. You can highlight milestones within the schedule create a hierarchy of schedule tasks giving just the right level of detail for your users.

In addition to showing just tasks, the control shows the resources allocated. The allocation grid uses colour coding to quickly identify over committed resources either people or plant that have been over allocated.

The best bit about our Gantt Chart is that, if you're part or our membership scheme, you can use it for free and we'll even help you setup your data.

If you are not a RAPID BI member, get in touch for pricing and a demo. 


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